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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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what happened overnight. the break actually occurred about a block up on keith street. you can see some crews up there working right now. then all of that water pouring down from the 12-inch pipe break came down keith street into homes that are at the bottom of the hill. so crews worked overnight to build this barrier you can see to redirect the water into some drainpipes so that it wouldn't go into more basements. if you take a look at the video from earlier, you can see families who were trying to divert the water from going into their homes, and the good news to report right now, the san francisco public utilities commission downgraded the number of homes impacted. initially they were saying a couple dozen. now they say it's just six or seven homes that had flooded basements and garages. however, about three blocks worth of houses currently have no water access, and pg&e was called out to check on their utility equipment. >> the homeowners came out to help.
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they brought any sort of lumber they have. we're just trying to divert the water into the street. we have police department on scene shutting off -- closing off streets to traffic and water department on scene hopefully shutting down the water. >> reporter: several blocks around keith and key are all closed down. they expect they will be closed down for hours to come. the next step for the water public utilities commission is going to be digging up the pavement so they can check on that pipe and then repair it. they expect that will take at least four to six hours. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thank you, tiffany. it's known as the enterovirus, a respiratory infection spreading across the country. for the first time it's been detected in northern california. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony says doctors and parents are on high alert. >> we do have our first case. >> reporter: solano county health officials are the latest to confirm they, too, have had a case of enterovirus d-68 in a
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school-age child. >> how is the child doing? >> the child is doing very well. >> reporter: two others, also children, have been diagnosed in alameda county. >> we have two cases. >> reporter: nationwide, the centers for disease control has confirmed 500 cases of d-68 in 42 states. infants, children, and teenagers the most likely groups to become infected, especially those with asthma or a history of wheezing. the symptoms are similar to the flu. fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough, and body aches. lisa's 3-year-old nephew has similar symptoms. he's at children's hospital, but doctors don't know if it's d-68. >> so what happens? what do they -- you know, how do they make these little kids comfortable and better? >> reporter: in colorado, there have been reports of limb weakness in some patients. >> there are different severities of weakness. some may affect one to three or even four limbs.
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but the virus does stop on its own at some point. >> reporter: there is no vaccine for d-68. the best way to avoid it is to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, not just hand sanitizer. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> doctors say you prevent the enterovirus just like any other virus. they recommend frequent hand washing. that's especially critical if you ride public transit. also avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. cough into your sleeve or elbow. now to the ebola virus. another american has contracted the disease. an nbc news photographer was diagnosed yesterday after covering the outbreak in liberia. he placed himself in isolation and contacted health officials. he'll be flown back to the u.s. along with his crew. meanwhile, the woman who ho hosthosted the first patient, thomas duncan, say officials still haven't taken the bed linen and towels he used. she and her family are
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quarantined in their apartment under armed guard. duncan is undergoing treatment at a dallas hospital. coming up, we'll go live to washington, d.c. for a live report from abc news. and the ebola scare is having a sad social impact. west african families living in the dallas area say their children have been teased and bullied at school. counselors have been sent to the schools to educate students and teachers saying the disease doesn't discriminate and people shouldn't either. happening this morning, investigators will be back at the scene of a fire that burnt three homes in oakland. started just after 7:30 last night on redding street near mills college. firefighters arrived and found a two-story home with flames coming from the top floor. it soon spread to two surrounding homes. one homeowner says he's just thankful his family got out safely. >> i think my son and my wife are, you know, devastated. i'm devastated, of course. but my family got out safe. you know, i got them. i don't have a house right now, but you can rebuild that, right?
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we're okay. >> the fire brought down a power line, which landed on one of the fire trucks. a firefighter at the truck managed to get out of the way in time. took crews more than two hours to get the fire under control. berkeley police are investigating three reports of sexual assaults at uc berkeley. at least two say they were attacked at fraternities. the alleged assaults took place on saturday, but students are just finding out about them now. police have made no arrests. the names of the frat houses involved are not being released. some students say they are disappointed with the way this is being handled. >> i would expect to have received a notification from the university, but i haven't received anything regarding any form of sexual assault. we actually live on frat row. it's very concerning. >> berkeley police issued this statement. sexual assault investigations are complex and demand sensitive and professional investigation. on monday, governor jerry brown signs the "yes means yes" sexual consent law to change the way colleges deal with rape allegations. if anyone is under the
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influence, they are automatically assumed to be unable to give consent. abc 7 news has uncovered exclusive new information in the domestic violence case against the 49ers' ray mcdonald. police have finished their investigation into allegations mcdonald hit his pregnant foiane at his san jose home. the case has now been turned over to prosecutors. one of the things that complicated this case is mcdonald apparently called a san jose police officer around the time the initial 911 call was made, and that officer went to the home. we liable sources inside the police department tell abc 7 news reporter vic lee this officer also works at security at 49ers games. it's up to the d.a. to decide whether or not to charge mcdonald or conduct its own investigation. 49ers say mcdonald will play while the legal process continues. happening today in san francisco, bay area fishermen plan to protest a $7.5 billion water bond on the november ballot. they warn proposition 1 won't
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solve california's water problems and would destroy salmon and crab populations. it would authorize billions to pay for ground cleanup and habitat restoration. fishermen argue building more dams to hold water we don't have is misplaced spending. well, the giants take the next step to advance in the playoffs today, sending jake peavy to the mound against the washington nationals in game one of the national league division series. the giants acquired peavy mid season from the red sox. he brings a maniacal level of intensity, and that's a good thing. steven strasburg will pitch for the nats. >> he's a great competitor. we all know how great this guy is. he's got as good of stuff as anybody in the game. he can make it really hard on you. he's a good athlete at well. the only time i'll be worried about him is when he gets in there and i'll have to make some
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good pitches. >> the giants have won eight straight playoff games going back to their world series champion season in 2012. hopefully we'll see this again. and the giants open the division series in washington, d.c., today at noon. game two follows tomorrow in d.c. at 2:30 p.m. then the series comes to at&t park for game three on monday. everybody is asking what's the starting time. they still have not announced it yet. and game four, if needed, takes place at at&t park on tuesday. the series would return to washington for a deciding fifth game if they need it next thursday. let's try to take care of it here at home in four. that would be nice. >> that would be nice. even three would be nice. we'll take that one home game. >> yeah. >> how about it, mike? >> good thing it's an early game, a day game. rain is coming into d.c. as we head towards the evening hours. hopefully we'll get the game in. i think we should. back here at home, we're starting off anywhere from about one degree cooler in fairfield, to three to nine degrees warmer
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than yesterday. eight degrees warmer in san jose this morning. that puts us in the 50s and 60s. no more 40s like we had yesterday. so a warmer beginning, will be a higher base for this heat to build on. by noon, we're already warmer than average with low to mid-80s. by 4:00, we're 86 at the coast, 90 around the bay, 94 inland. good news, it will cool rather quickly once the sunsets. low to mid-70s by 7:00 for the coast and bay. low to mid-80s inland. now, if you're going to the hardly strictly bluegrass festival, 90 degrees today. it's from 10:00 until 7:00. tomorrow it's 11:00 to 7:15. so we'll start at about 67, warm up to 85. 67 and cloud cover sunday morning. see the cooling trend? we'll talk more about that coming up in your seven-day
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forecast. as we take a look at the san matteo bridge, travel here is nice and clear as we make it across the water. it's going to take you approximately nine minutes at this hour. we head up to the north bay along 37. you remember the last couple weekends we had this closure between highways had 121 and 29. it was a full closure. not this weekend. everything will remain open. right now we're looking at clear conditions. 54 miles per hour as you're heading up to 121 out of vallejo. heading into san jose, checking in clear here. no accidents to get us going. 101 right by san jose airport, 68 miles per hour. also, checking in accident free, nothing to get in your way on 280. highways 85 and 87 as you pull into downtown san jose moving along at top speeds. >> leyla, thanks. it's 4:40. the beauty of a popular south bay lake is giving way to an
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ugly, smelly mess. next, the dramatic impact of the drought. and new details emerging about a hacking attack affecting millions of chase bank
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good friday morning. your time is 4:43. let's take a live look here at the embarcadero and the bay bridge. san francisco probably one of the cooler places to be on this day when we have a heat advisory. lots of temperatures in the 90s in the bay area. mike nicco will tell us when will this october heat wave ease up. our lengthy drought has not only dried out hillsides but is driving bears into communities in search of food. this is nowhere more apparent than in the sierra. nevada wildlife officials report they have caught nine hungry bears just since wednesday near
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reno and lake htahoe. the drought has reduced the availability of food for the bears. in cooler weather, they need about 25,000 calories a day, the equivalent of 83 cheeseburgers. the effects of our long drought are on vivid display in santa clara county. a popular lake is being choked with algae. the consequences show the cruel side of nature. abc 7 news reporter explains. >> reporter: among the beauty and wildlife at vasona lake lies an ugly and smelly problem. dead, decaying fish are floating in the muck, in the very algae that helped kill them. >> when you have high nutrients, high water temperatures, you tend to get issues with water quality and algae. >> reporter: the algae sucks the oxygen out of the water. now the dead fish are attracting vultures. once they've picked through the carcasses, what's left is -- >> well, it's dead fish. it's, you know, pretty putrid. >> smells like dead fish. it smells like dirty water and
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dead fish. that's not natural. >> reporter: also, not the norm here, daytime coyote sightings. a dog owner spotted a coyote in the park last week. they're typically nocturnal. wildlife experts think they're coming to the lake for water since other sources may have dried up. joe was traumatized by a coyote encount aerofew years ago. now she won't walk her dog without her repellant spray handy. >> absolutely i'm scared because in 2009 my cat was taken off my front doorstep and killed by a pack of coyotes. >> reporter: this dramatic shift in nature's balance is surprising just about everyone. the only thing that will help, according to the water district, rain and water conservation. lisa amin gulezian, the annual bluegrass
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festival kicks off this weekend. crews were out yesterday prepping for the three-day event at golden gate park. there will be more than 100 musical acts. for more information, including a link to the schedule, you can go to it looks like it's going to be a hot one out there for sure. also some bad air out there today. >> yeah, better pack a lot of water. >> today will be the hottest, but you'll notice a cooling trend as we head through the weekend. poorest air quality will be down in the south bay, even though all of us are under the spare the air. good you mention that. do whatever we can to keep the air quality below the threshold that makes it unhealthy for the elderly and those with respiratory problems and the young. look at our visibility. unlimited this morning, as you would expect when we have no clouds and no moisture to speak of. check out our temperatures. don't see any 40s yet, but
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knocking on the door at 50. 54 at napa. fairfield at 53. half moon bay at 55. san mateo, 57. livermore, 59 along with fremont. everybody else in the low to mid-60s until you get to los gatos and san francisco. we'll use this as the backdrop to talk about dangerous heat and air quality today. the heat will stay inland this weekend as the sea breeze slowly develops and chips away at the heat, especially the coast by sunday. it'll start to move through the bay monday and finally inland by tuesday. autumn returns for all of us by tuesday. for today, look at the areas of high pressure. there are three of them once again. they're dominating our forecast and keeping the heat in a heightened state today. in fact, we'll be in the low to mid-90s through most of the south bay. we get up around 97 in morgan hill and 99 in gilroy.
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if you're going to santa cruz, 92 degrees today. well warmer than that 86 yesterday. the boardwalk, great place to be, especially if you can run out into the ocean. look at the mid to upper 80s. we'll flirt with 90 at half moon bay. we'll have low to mid-90s through the north bay. then along the east bay shoreline, everybody reaches 90 today from 91 at berkeley and hayward to 93 in hercules. fremont and oakland, 94. we'll be in the mid-90s throughout our inland and east bay neighborhoods with 96 in walnut creek and pleasanton. tonight it's going to cool significantly except for a few spots. richmond, 62. oakland, 64. all right. let's look at that seven-day forecast. notice saturday not a spare the air day. some cooling hits the coast, but we're still around 80. by sunday we're 94 inland with
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that 84 around the bay. by monday, we're back to average except inland where we're near 90. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday autumn returns with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. leyla? >> okay. we have 24 b.a.r.t. trains running on time. you can see flashing lights here on the golden gate bridge in the northbound direction. that means we have construction crews that are now wrapping things up for the morning. they're picking up cones. just be careful if you're heading out the door right this minute. southbound traffic appears to be flowing nice and smooth. another clear morning. fog free. as we head into san francisco, we do have a construction project that will be around until 5:30. this is in the eastbound direction from the skyway to the anchorage of the bay bridge. if you're leaving the city to head into the east bay, make sure you give yourself extra time and watch out for those construction crews there. drive time traffic, 101 from santa rosa to petaluma, 16 minutes. 580 westbound, castro valley to
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the maiz, 14 minutes and clear. >> leyla, thanks a lot. it's 4:50. we have alarming new details of a security breach at jpmorgan chase bank, the biggest hack attack yet. >> here's this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, fallout from one of the biggest cyber attacks ever. jpmorgan chase says data from 76 million households was hacked. while the bank says there's no evidence yet of fraud, still need to pay attention here to some things to protect yourself. keep a close eye on bank statements. if you notice unusual activity, alert the bank and consider signing up for free monitoring programs. well, some female celebrities whose private images were hacked say google hasn't done enough to keep those stolen images off the internet. a group of them now threatening a $100 million lawsuit. google says they're trying their best to take the hack pictures down. finally, teaching kindergarteners to code.
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scratch junior is a free computer programming app designed specifically for children as young as 5. even kids who can't read can use the app to create their own interactive stories and games. computer pros getting younger and younger be. even with plenty of water around them, surfers are feeling the impact of the drought. while they'll be lining up at beach showers. and the dramatic end to a high-speed chase in southern
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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4:53. a high-speed chase in southern california ended with a spectacular rollover crash and the arrest of a suspected serial bank robber. the driver of a truck led police on a four-county chase, causing two crashes and even driving up an off-ramp. steven bart let is now in jail. authorities believe he's the so-called hills bandit, who's robbed more than a half dozen banks in san diego and orange
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counties since may. meals on wheels in oakland is asking for your help to track down one of its delivery vans. it was stolen near 64th and harmon afternoon yesterday around 3:00 when the driver was delivering a meal. another one of the organization's vans was stolen last year. it was recovered. surfers are the latest casualty of california's drought. the city of pacifica says it will try to save water by reducing the number of shower heads with popular surfer beaches. shower heads will be cut from two to one. the shark park showers is will have just two heads instead of four. pacifica city website says it's in a stage two water shortage and is restricting outdoor water use. normally on days like this, you'd head to the beach to cool off, but it's just as hot at the beach. >> yes, it is. we have the 90s that'll touch some places like half moon bay.
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frost advisories and heat advisories across the state with a high fire danger around bakersfield. let's talk about what's going to happen today. 97 in l.a. 88 in san diego. 102 in palm springs. mid to upper 90s through the central valley. 90 and sunshine in monterey. 75 today in tahoe. a big event sunday starting at the ferry building and going to the golden gate. it's bridge to bridge, benefitting the special olympics of northern california. notice how much cooler it's going to be. starting off ining off at 58, w 70 by noon. if you're heading down to the game, thankfully it will be a little cooler at levi stadium. still going to be hot. mid to upper 80s. >> all right. speaking of bridge to bridge, you can expect some traffic control and road closures. this takes you all along the embarcadero through north beach
4:56 am
into the marina district. as mike was saying, it is going to cover a very wide area of san francisco. so if you do live or work in these areas over the weekend, just be aware there's going to be plenty of traffic there. let's take a look, a live picture. this is san jose, northbound side of highway 87 as you come away from julian street. looks pretty quiet out there. southbound traffic nonexistent at this hour. friday light so far? yes, it is. also still very early. >> all right. thank you, leyla. tonight at sundown begins the holiest day of the year for people of the jewish faith, yom kippur. it's marked with fasting, prayers for a good year, and ceremonial contrition. these are scenes of yom kippur in jerusalem. the religious holiday lasts until sundown saturday. in israel, businesses and institutions are traditionally closed for the holiday. happening today, a rich part of san francisco's history will be publicly introduced.
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the castro street history walk will be unveiled in a ceremony at harvey milk plaza. the new and improved sidewalk is part of a castro beautification project that also includes new foliage and lighting. all eyes were on actress hillary swank at opening night of the mill valley film festival. the academy award winner made a fashionable entrance last night. she joked about possibly being overdressed saying, i should have worn my birken stocks. the film focuses on the untold story of the old west. the mill valley film festival runs through october 12th, features more than 200 films from around the world. >> just so used to walking the red carpet. all right. it's 4:57. we're following breaking news in san francisco where a ruptured water main turned streets into rivers. next at 5:00, we're live with the wet mess homeowners are cleaning up this morning.
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also, santa cruz police arrest a driver wanted in a bizarre hit-and-run accident. what they say he was wearing as he smashed into the bicycle rider. sfwlnc and the new twist in the
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friday morning, it's 5:00. thanks a lot for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm matt keller in for eric thomas. a lot happening in the weather department. we have hot temperatures, a spare the air alert. >> turn on the ac, don't go outside and breathe. >> well, you have to breathe. i don't know if you have to


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